Clipping Path Service Provider

Clipping Masking

Photoshop’s clipping mask lets you selectively reveal parts of many layers. The masking layer only reveals the portion of the masked layer. It lies inside its defined form or border.

Clipping masks can show photos within texts. It can even create an image of a specific size and form. They are also non-destructive. Your original layers will be preserved and accessible when editing.

Put the layers on the masking layer and select the clipping mask option for the results. You can cut the mask to match the dimensions of the masking layer.

With the vector mask tool, you can give a layer a clean, defined outline. A shape’s “skeleton” path can change with the Pen or Shape tools. Pixels in the layers are available or invisible depending on the geometry of the masks.

The quality of a vector mask will not degrade. This is completely resizable. You can change the underlying layer without worrying about breaking the mask. Logos and symbols benefit greatly from using vector masks. The mask makes the images with sharp corners.

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